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March 27, 2014

Relevant, I think!

February 3, 2014

The Olympics 2014

I’ll be watching a few events from the 2014 Olympics, in spite of Russia’s abysmal laws against people like me and the IOC’s cowardly behaviour when ever the issue is raised. Athletes are told they will be thrown out of the olympics if they sport a rainbow pin or anything else showing public support for LGBT-people. I’m not impressed by the sponsors either or our own national olympic committee and our politicians. Our home is always boycotting Coca Cola and MacDonalds by not liking their products much, but there are other sponsors who just made it onto my personal shit list.
Panasonic, Visa, Samsung, GE and you others, I’m not best pleased.

But, I will still be watching some of it. I don’t have anything against the athletes and there are sports I find interesting.
There are also sports I find duller than watching paint dry, some of them are in the olympics too.

I hope Pyeongchang (South Korea) does better. Fewer bad laws and less corruption would be good.

October 14, 2013

Holding hands

I walked through the mall holding hands with W today.
I love holding her hand.

I know that many lesbians in the world would love to be able to walk through the mall like that.

I’m so lucky.

October 2, 2013


I sometimes wish that all those pompous, idiot men who are against abortion got to try being pregnant. Either very much against their will or with serious health risks involved.
I bet the good laws of the lucky countries would stay as they are and the bad laws that prevail in most of the world would go away in a flash.

I have a facebook friend who is one of those jerks. Unfortunately he’s also a distant cousin that I can’t unfriend because his mum will get upset.
I like his mum.