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January 16, 2014

Fucks and taxidermied animals

I’m reading The Bloggess‘ blog.
She uses “fuck” way more than I do.

Maybe I’m raised better?
Or more inhibited?

My home had only 3 taxidermied animals around when I grew up.
My dad shot the elk.
Someone else ran over the fox. (We just had it in the freezer for a while, with another elk head that ended up one someone elses wall).
I have no idea how we got the darned (fucking) squirrel.

After reading the bloggesses’ book I suddenly realized.
The lack of “fucks” probably just means I’m way less traumatized.

But seriousely.
You should read “Let’s pretend this never happened” by Jenny Lawson.

Oh, and Jesus was totally a zombie!

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October 21, 2013


I read books, quite a few of them in fact .

Some I love.
Some I like.

Some I finish despite not liking them much.

Some I never finish because they’re just too awful.

I have no idea why the Jack Reacher books by Lee Child are popular.
I’ve tried 3 different ones and ended up hating them all.
I’m so happy I never paid for them.

I love libraries.