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November 7, 2013

Fatshionista in the morning – not!

I read fatshionista blogs. Several of them in fact.

One of them is Grown and Curvy Woman.
In her latest post she talks about all the clothes in her closet that she hardly ever wear, and ask her readers if they have the same problem.

Yes, I do.

Mainly because of mornings!
I’m not a morning person.

This means:

  • I don’t get up before I have to.
  • I spend way to much time in the bathroom because everything goes so slow, and M&M demands most of my attention. (W is still asleep!)
  • When I finally get out of there I have to put on some clothes and decision making is so hard this time of day.
  • Sometimes I make clothes ready the night before, and quite often it’s something feminine involving tights.
  • Tights take way longer to put on than jeans…..
  • Then I run for the bus. (I’ve heard about breakfast on workdays, I’m sure it’s a wonderful thing)
October 19, 2013


We’re going to a party tonight.
I’ll be wearing a cute dress.
I’ll look good.

There’s also a good possibility of me freezing to death.
It’s bloody cold out.

Vanity will get the better of me.

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